Xtreme Riders is a series created by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.

It follows the life of urban skate boarder, Johnny Rider who along with friends Kingpin, Rocky and Peg he takes things to the Xtreme!


Johnny Rider: The main protanagist. Johnny is the leader of a group of skate boarders who just want to go to the Extreme but Vlad is always bringing them down. He is voiced by Vincent Martella

Rocky Rhodes: The deutranagist. Rocky was a reformed juvenille who was helped by Team Xtreme after he destroyed their clubhouse after crashing into it in an attempt to avoid the police. He is dept and can only pay it by helping them win the championship. He is voiced by Scott Menville

Kingpin: Kenny Kingpin" Kazarian. Kingpin was former leader until Johnny joined. Ever since he has had a rivalry with Johnny but they're are still good friends. He is the tritagonist and often a sub antonagist. He is voiced by Greg Cipes

Peg Rider: Johnny's little sister. At first Johnny did not want to let Peg join they're club do to her being a girl but she proved Johnny wrong and finallky joined the team. She is voiced by Grey Dilesle

Mr Rider: Johnny's dad. He seems to dislike Johnny's Xtreme ways do to his constant injuries, which is why he usually tries to convince Johnny not to do these stunts. However on certain occasions he is shown to support them.

Vlad Kazarian: Kingpin's older brother. Vlad is always trying to stop Johnny and his friends from fulflying there dream although at certain times he is shown to care for his brother. His sidekicks are Sid and Quentin.


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