The Underfist gets a series! Maxwell Atoms get his contract back and all actors are back for the series!

Underfist, consists of Irwin, Hoss, Jeff, Fred and Skarr saving Endsville from the monsters of the underworld. Is a spin-off of Billy and Mandy.

LIST OF EPISODES FOR SEASON 1! Season 1- 10/12/08-4/0515

A short test season. The deal was if Atoms could make it a success by May 2015, he could continue on making episodes

01: MOVIE: Underfist Halloween Bash *Released 10/12/08

02: MOVIE: Underfist Holiday Boogey *Released 12/04/14

03: Underfist Versus Dinosaurs *Released 01/04/15

04: Uderfist against the AstroVampires *Released 01/04/15

05: Underfist in the Old South West *Released 01/04/15

06: Return of the Spider Queen *Released 02/04/15

07: Action Squad Miami *Released 02/04/15

08: The Lost Hand *Released 02/04/15

09: Underfist Babies *Released 03/04/15

10: Underfist teaches traffic Safety *Released 03/04/15

11: Underfist and the Squid Squad *Released 03/04/15

12: MOVIE: Underfist Easter Beatdown *Released 04/04/15