This is the first episode ever of The Crossover Show


Its Vacation everyone goes to Hollywood but theyre seeing theyre emenies


All Shows at work at school getting vacation

Mordecai:Ah Hollywood the Best place ever in the vacation

Twilight:Uh Can u help us?

Mordecai and Rigby and Skips and Benson looking behind

Rigby:Hey u ponies are from My Little Pony Friendship is magic

Rainbow Dash:Were pony 6 and you guys are from Regular Show

Benson:Right! Rarity if i was an pony and im not the boyfriend of audrey then i choose you as my girlfriend


Spongebob and Patrick and Squidward and Mr Krabs and Gary and Sandy is running with helmets but sandy haves her helmet off the helmets are with waters

Spongebob:Regular show and My Little Pony and now with spongebob!

The Minions and Gru and Lucy and Margo agnes and edits is comming

Dave: (Hello this gonna be an crossover)

Spongebob:All Shows is speaking minions

Pinkie Pie:I Love  Crossovers

Sonic,Tails,Shadow,Amy,Silver,Blaze,Knuckles,Rouge,Chris,Vector (From Sonic),Charmy,Espio

Amy:Me Too!

Sonic:Youre the girl that is saying Sonic Ramboom!

Rainbow Dash:Yes youre name is sonic okay?


Arnold and Gerald is comming

Arnold:You guys too?

Everyone is comming that the shows from crossover i said who

Finn:Like That!

Gumball:Lets do this

Clouds are comming

'Tom '(Groove High):Lets go there guys!!

Crossover characters from show getting in the office

???:Anything i can help u?

Zoe:Hey i know that voice!

The Chair is flipping

Tom:Duke? what ur doing here

Duke:i Bought my friends

El Macho and Vector (Despicable me) is comming with Laser gun

Gru:Oh no not with them!!

Plankton is walking out the boys bathroom

Plankton:i Shouldnt Go There close the door 1 weeks

Mr Krabs:Plankton???

Mr Croccer and Sweeber is comming trough the window

Sweeber:Hands Up!!

An Helicopter comes with Kanker sisters in

Kankers sisters:Im Here boss!


Eggman is in the airshaft so they not gonna can escape

villains of the crossover characters is comming

Mandark:Youre Surrounded!!

At The Screen is The End

Gumball:U Call this an end

Ice King:Come on i want this as the end!

Tom:Kids will cry at this end

El Macho:Ok! this is not the end!

Duke is putting an Pistol up

Gru is Putting freeze ray up

all crossover villians and emenies is putting theyre guns up

Eds is putting the water balloons up

everyone is putting theyre weapons up

every crossover heros escapes of the window

Vector (Despicable Me):Theyre Escaped!!

Ice King:If i see them i gonna freeze them FOREVER!

One of the villain girls of Winx Club:Stupid!

Every heros is putting Parachute up

Dexter:Phew Were Saved

Dora:But aslo nice

Rigby:Now Lets Escape!

Zoe:Rigby is right lets do that!

every crossover characters is escaping

'Mi'chalengalo:SO AWESOME DUDES!!

Raphael is stomping Michalengalo


Garfield:i was almost beated up by Nermal

Skipper:Kowalaski, Analyze

Kowalaski:Well they came Revenge us! lets get them back lets go to adventure


Squeag:Us Emenies is angry to us maybe theyre gonna give an Crossover Villains Party

Applejack:No time lets go girls!

B.O.B:And Boys!!

At the Junkyard

Garfield:We Have nothing!!! i miss Lasagna

Random guy in helicopter:Release the foods for the people from a show!

5 Pizza gots released for The Turtles and Garfield

3 Lasagna got Released

Garfield:i give 2 at Jon and Odie

5 Krabby Patties Released

3 Jawbreakers Released

Everyones lovely foods released

Everyone is Eating

Darwin:But Its Cold here were we have to sleep

Anais:We Must have good luck too

Guy With an Blue Suit and Brown Hair:Congurlations you all guys have an Privality hotel a room for everyone and characters that in the Show!


Squidward:B.O.B your'e dumber then spongebob and patrick

[Episode Ended]


  • This is Season 1 Episode 1 the first episode