• Ed
  • Eddy
  • Gargamel (dressed as Double D)
  • Rolf


It's hot and Ed and Eddy decide to make the Smoothie, and use the money...The Gargamel appear saying to Get more ingredients to capture the Smurfs, Eddy say "Wait, you're not Double D", Gargamel say that Double D is on vacation, and present himself as the substitute, Gargamel, The Evil Wizard. Eddy say that the money is for spend in a Jaw Breaker. Gargamel has the plan: Use the Jawbreaker as a ingredient for the potion to capture The Smurfs, and rule the World! Gargamel Laugh Evilly. Ed say "Yeeesss!", Eddy say "No! Don't Rule the World! Will Ruin the Future.", Ed wants to be Gargamel's Assistant. Gargamel ready to make a Plans. Rolf appear, and Gargamel zaps him, and Ed say "When will Return Double D?"

Inspired by:Edit


It's Hot in the Day, and Ed and Eddy is next of the Trash Can.

Eddy: Boy, it's hot out here...I Know! (he pick the blender), we gonna open the Smoothie Store.

Ed: Oh Yes, Smoothie!

Eddy: and we use the Money...

(Gargamel, dressed up as Double D appear)

Gargamel: Hello there

Eddy: Double D? Are you ok? You look kinda...uh, you know...old or something

Ed: Double D are you ok?