1. The Americans: George, Abraham, Teddy, And Thomas Travel Forward In Time To Find New Inventions For Their People. In The Series Pilot, The Presidents Talk About Life In The Olden Days. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-L
  2. The IPod: George Goes Forward In Time To The Memorial Of Steve Jobs And Gets A Free IPod. Meanwhile, Abraham Shows Benjamin Franklin (Tom Hanks) A Speed Dating Website. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-L
  3. The 3D Movie: George Goes To See A Screening Of Avatar In 3D And Tells All His Friends About It. Meanwhile, Teddy Finds Out There Is Going To Be A Movie Named After Him (Ted). NOTE: Rated TV-14-LVDS
  4. The Crime Scene: In This Special 9/11 Episode Of The Americans, George And The Gang Goes To The Year 2001 In New York City Where The Twin Towers Start To Fall And Later Does A Crime Scene. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-LV
  5. The Webshow: George Uses The Computer To Create A Webshow Called IGeorge. Meanwhile, Thomas Watches Annoying Orange And Tries To Make His Orange Famous On The Website Modern People Call YouTube. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-L
  6. The Autobots: George Finds Out The Car He Bought (Or Stole In Modern Times) Is A Robot. Meanwhile Abraham Buys A Truck That Turns Into A Robot As Well. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-LV
  7. The Force Is With You: George Goes To See Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menence 3D. Meanwhile, Teddy Finds An Lightsaber In A Store And As They Say Finders Keepers (More Like He Stole It) And Uses It To Find The Force Within Him. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-LV
  8. The End Of The World: George Goes BACK In Time To See What The Nyans Predicted. Meanwhile, Thomas Prepairs For A Big Storm That's Coming. NOTE: Rated TV-14-LV
  9. The New Puppy: George Goes To Get A New Puppy. Meanwhile, Abraham Watches Dogs In The City. NOTE: Rated TV-PG-L