Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire is a recurring character on Family Guy.

Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition Edit

Glenn is a cut character from Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition, with incomplete data still in the game's coding. He can be unlocked in the same slot as Peter in the Family Guy category via an Action Replay code, and they (and their vehicles if in driver selection) will appear meshed together, with their voice clips also playing at the same time. Glenn has few lines in the game--most are different variants of "Giggity giggity" and "Giggity goo". Most of the other ones are incomplete, and he is very glitchy, often appearing in his T-stance when driving.


"Giggity giggity!"

"Giggity goo!"

"Gig" (incomplete data causes him to often begin saying "Giggity" or "Giggity goo" and stop)


Glenn's car appears to be a red convertible, but there are still several incomplete parts--the wheels don't rotate when the car is moving and it appears to be floating a slight bit over the ground (noticed more easily in replays during the side shots), and the co-driver does not perform their "drifting" animation when drifting, as well as Glenn not having any special animations. (Turning, drifting, Toon Power animations, etc.)

Toon PowersEdit

Primary Toon Power - Quagmire Power 1 - Boost

Secondary Toon Power- Quagmire Power 2 - Shield

Trivia Edit