Family Guy:Bigger, Longer and Harder
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Directed by

Diego Leiva




9 minutes(actually)
2 hours(possibly)

FG:BLH is an anmated movie distributed by 21st century fox and diegoamateur


this movie was distribuited by mondo media

Chapter 1Edit

Youtube Rating:LV

Length:1 minute

in the present, Mr cheeks is about to take control of earth. Brian tries to save them throwing himself.

Mr Cheeks tells Stewie if they were nicer. they would rule together. but now the anihilation is ready

Chapter 2Edit

Youtube Rating:L

Length:3 minutes

10 days earlier, brian and stewie wake up and recieve a message the humans will be anhilated. so he has a deal whit them to figth. but he fixes the figth when tells Zevorn has to blind fold himself and stewie's team will have arpoons

Chapter 3Edit

Youtube Rating:LV

Length:1 minute

They're figthing

Chapter 4Edit

Youtube Rating:L

Length:3 minutes

after chapter 3. dr doof and Mr Cheeks are thrown from a bus is about to crash. then it shows the gang being chased by foxes. after some minutes. the bus. after doof and cheeks transported out. crashed partially there

Brian Blames Stewie for this. But he knows is not true. also brian reveals he did horrible things to stewie in (Brian and Stewie) then Stewie forgives him. thinking it couldn't be nothing mean. then Brian Reveals He pointed stewie whit a handgun he brougth to him cause he thougth it weren't bullets in there. stewie tells brian he won't be friends with him ever again, ending their friendship.Suddenly, their submarine is destroyed by a part of the bus and the two are knocked out by a big wave, and now they are in deep sea.