Dude What Would Happen - The Video Game is an action-adventure game based on the series.It's an Xbox 360 exclusive. (You'll find out later.)Edit



This all starts back around 1000 A.D..There were the Dudes of Righteous-ness Adam, Dj, and Joe(AKA the Dudes ancestors).They teamed up to stop an evil dude called Wesley, wo wanted to rule the world.They defeated him in an ultimate battle to the death.In the present day, Reno(Wesley's desendant), wanted revenge on the world and built an army of robots.Now Ali, Cj, and Jackson must use past gadgets and the powers of righteous-nesss to stop Reno.

Level 1: TutorialEdit

The Dudes were trying to figure out what to do today."Hey guys, you wanna go to the lab dudes place and observe the past stuff we did?"said Jackson."Sure, why not?"said Cj."We might even come up with something new to do."said Ali.But, when they looked outside, they saw a whole bunch of robots!"HOLY COW!" said the dudes."Let's get out of here!" They fought their way through the robots and got to the Lab, but the lab dudes weren't there!"Where did everyone go?asked Ali.They found a note on the floor. It said:HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have captured your scientists and stole some tech from your wimps!This is what you get for you ancestors killing mine.Sinceretly, Reno."What are we going to do?"asked Cj."I know what we are going to do!We are going to 1.Rescue the Lab Dudes.2.Stop Reno.3.Save the world."said Jackson.So they got some old gear.

Cj got:1.Web Shooters.Upgrade-Can actually shoot webs and web sling.2.Remote Control Bowling Ball.Upgarde-Has more control and moves faster.3.Jet wings.Upgrade-Same as Jackson's, except he can glide kick.

Ali got:1.Grappling Gun.Upgrade-Grapples better.2.NEW!Ali-rangs.Purpose-Attacks enemies and reaches unaccessable switches.3.Flamethrower.Upgrade-Lits enemies on fire and destroys platfroms.

Jackson got:1.NEW!Mini Wind Tunnel.Purpose-Gives Jackson the ability to glide farther than Cj.2. Ice Cannon.Upgrade-Freezes enemies and creates platforms.

Battle ModeEdit

In this mode, you can play as characters through out the series and battle it out in 4 player throwdowns!

Playable CharactersEdit




4.Bobbe Jay

5.The Sumo




9.Lab Dude



12.Ed (Secret)

13.Edd (Secret)

14.Eddy (Secret)


In this menu, you can watch past episodes of the dudes, listen to music, and watch trailers for other CN games.

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