Despicible Me The Series Contains The Funniest Stuff You Will Every Episode Featurin

Gru: Steve Carrell

Vector: Jason Segel

Dr. Newfario: Russell Brand

Gru's Love, Cherry: Megan Fox

The Evilest Villan: John Cena


.Gru is a reformed villan and the protagonist of the series. He constantly seeks to impress Cherry, his love, with his inventions and good deeds. In spite of this, he retains his blistering rivalry with Vector, who tries to ruin his plans every step of the way. His physical apperance is unchanged from the movie, except for the addition of a "I heart children" button on his sweater.

.Vector is a fellow villan and Gru's rival. He has a crush on Cherry, and is irritated by the fact she prefers Gru. This leads him to do low things like hypnotizing Gru's daughters into acting crazy [Hypno-a-Dodo], or turning Cherry's birthday present into a monster [Un-happy Birthday, to you!], to take her away from Gru. He constantly asks the Evilest Villan to help him, much to his chragin. Vector's appreance is much different than in the movie, outfit-wise.Vector's drag suit is red instead of orange, and the frames for his glasses are also red. Other than that, he looks exactly the same.

. Dr. Nefario is a scientist and Gru's right-hand man. He may be old and a little slow-minded, but he's a good inventor nonetheless.