Cranks and Clanks is an American animated television series created by Morgan Jordan for Cartoon Network in 2015. 


The show takes place in the spooky city of West Creepness where lots of spooky, creepy and different looking creatures live. Somewhere in this city are two residents that aren't scary looking - two square like best friends called Cranks and Clanks and they work as pizza deliverers at the Hip Hop Top Pizza Delivery Service and they come across many disasters on each delivery.


  • Cranks (voiced by Deedee Magno Hall) is one of the two title characters from the show. Cranks is a female who is black with blue eyes. She is very smart and serious and kind of like a mentor towards her best friend Clanks. Apparently, she was born a few days after her mother and her family moved to the UK. She also met Clanks in the same hospital.
  • Clanks (voiced by Rowan Atkinson) is the other title character from the show. He is the same shape as Cranks, but is the complete opposite of her. Clanks is a male, is coloured red, has green eyes, speaks with a British accent and usually acts dumb and silly, but with help from Cranks, he will do his best to do his job properly.
  • Icicle (voiced by Tara Strong) is the manager of the Hip Hop Top Pizza Delivery Service. She is an icy creature with one eye, blonde hair, glasses and tentacle like hands. She also really likes Cranks and Clanks and doesn't normally yell at them. Her real name is Jennifer, but only she, Cranks and Clanks know that.
  • Jawbreaker (voiced by J.G Quintel) is Cranks and Clanks' best customer. Ever since Cranks and Clanks got their job, Jawbreaker has received 1,675,483 pizzas. He gets his name because of his robot like jaws. 


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