Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition is a game in the Cartoon Network Racing series, featuring the same gameplay but with new tracks, characters, and Toon Powers based on Adult Swim shows.


PlayStation 3Edit

The game follows the same formula as the other Cartoon Network Racing installments, including picking a driver (with exclusive stats and vehicle) and a co-driver whom is responsible for using items and using Toon Powers (of which are also character-exclusive).

Toon PowersEdit

Every character can use 2 exclusive Toon Powers as a co-driver. There are four kinds of Powers.


These powers generate a temporary shield that protects the racing duo.


These make the vehicle hover in midair, making avoiding land mines easier, while slowly gaining speed.


These make the vehicle go extremely fast.


These stun other racers who come into contact with the vehicle.

Platforms Edit

The game is for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS (although the handheld version is more restricted, as only one character can be used and Toon Powers are absent.)

Roster Edit

Family Guy Edit

The Cleveland Show Edit

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Edit

  • Master Shake
  • Meatwad
  • Frylock

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Edit

  • Space Ghost
  • Zorak
  • Brak