Anamary's full name is Anamary Pikara Liliathy and 12 years old.She is the protagonist of Pikonik:Legend of Anamary in Smash Bros Brawl.She is a combination of Pikachu and Rouge the bat.She arrives in Super Smash Bros Brawl by a dark gate.She is brave,flyer,the fastest like a thunder,cute,adorable and generous.She likes to make more friends in Super Smash Bros Brawl,especially,of course,Toon Link.Because she sais that Toon Link is cute and adorable and she become Toon Link's best friend forever.She has a best friend called Surprise.

She creates more Toons for Toonville.She looks like a Sonic Character,but if a Pokemon character is combinated with a Sonic character,it becomes a Pikonik,so,Anamary is a Pikonik character.She can fly by her black bat wings and sometimes she has Pikachu's powers. She knows how to read minds too.

Her enemies,Kinokip and Anti Ana,the evilest Anti Pikoniks,wants to kill Anamary and join in her place in Super Smash Bros Brawl.Sometimes,she screamed to two cartoons to have friends for Super Smash Bros Brawl characters,Garfield show and Amazing World of Gumball.She meeted a nice friend called,Antony,a combination with Pit and Blaze the cat.Anamary is the mainest character and the protagonist of Pikonik:Legend of Anamary in Smash Bros Brawl.


Peronalities:Brave,flyer,cute,adorable,generous,funny (sometimes),loveable,kind,fantastic,creator,elegant,friendly,strong,faster,smart,clever.

Likes:Toon Link,Surprise,the toonies,the SSBB,Super Mario Galaxy,Sonic X,Super Maria Galaxy,Sofia X,Legend of Alinka (Pretty Waker),Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker (she loves so much it).

Hates:Anti Ana,Kinokip,her friends get hurted,when Toon Link gets hurted,people sad,the darkness,when her powers are disappired.

Apperance:Yellow and Black,wearing Yellow and Black,Yellow and Black shoes,bat wings,gold eyes,black gloves,long lashes,mixture of Rouge and Pikachu.

Friends:Toon Link (Best friend forever),Surprise (Best friend),Toon Sky,other toons,Link,Sonic,Mario,Maria,Sofia,Alinka,Captain Firework,other SSBB characters.

Powers:Reading Minds,the Lightining,the glowing,Thunder-Bat (final smash).

Enemies:Kinokip,Anti Ana.