It is an episode of regular time on crossover nation.=Plot=Finn and Jake steal PB's car in order to save another princess.But instead they accadently drive Mordicai and Rigbys house.Rigby:(opens the door)What do you want im trying to beat my high score.Jake:Can we stay here until the blizzard ends.Rigby:NO!Mordicai:(comes to the door)Rigby.Just give these hobos a quarter.Finn:Were not.Jake:(cuts finn off)Wait.There about to give us a quarter.Mordicai:What are your names.Rigby:Hobos don't have names.Finn:WE ARE FINN AND JAKE AND WE ARE NOT HOBOS!!!!!Pops:Come in have some tea.Finn and Jake come in.Finn:Can we watch you play video games?Mordicai:Sure.Pops,can you get us some tea.Pops:Sure.Jake:Thanks alot his huge head is freaking me out.Finn:We use to have a video game system.His name was BMO.Rigby:How did you get it and why did you name it?Finn:What the zip were those words.Rigby:(thinking Finn has an imaginary friend)What happend to him?Finn:Jake smashed him with a hammer bigger than Pops's head.Jake:There was a fly on him!Rigby:Where did you get a hammer bigger than Pops's head from.Jake:From the Buy A Hammer Bigger Than Pop's Head Store.Finn:that makes sense.Finn:what are you playing?Mordicai:Nobody beats The Hammers Mom.Rigby:Furniture isn't working.mabey babies will work.She comes out of the game.Rigby:Not again.Mordicai:This means we shouldent get the sequel to this.Everyone goes to the free store.Jake:do you have any babies.Clerk:no.They go to the adoption center and steal babies.When they get back Pop's and the Hammers mom are watching TV.They throw 50 babies at her and beat her.Incomlete Article.